Interior Alchemy


The only constant is change - when we surrender to this we find ourselves in a continuous state of INTERIOR ALCHEMY.

When we embrace the process we can freely explore the Laboratory of Life (experiencing + expressing the finds daily).

Interior Alchemy is a coming home. A remembering. A choice to see life from a new perspective. To know you are a powerful creative with stories to be created, lived + shared.

Through the process of Interior Alchemy you create a map + a toolkit to guide yourself to your chosen destination.

The path of the Interior Alchemist is a journey of self discovery + expressing the beauty you unearth in all areas of your life.

Interior Alchemy is about living your highest story + creating sacred space for your soul to THRIVE.


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You want to delve into a creative journaling practice with personalised guidance to uncover the hidden gems found in the 7 principles of Interior Alchemy.

Interior Alchemy E-Course

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This is an 8-week Course where we delve into a journaling practice based on the 7 Principles of Interior Alchemy to uncover your ins and outs and desires. This is a creative practice.



This is where I create a sacred portrait of you using collage art. First we will book a discovery call so I can get to know more about you, then I will create your original artwork. You receive both a framed and signed copy of the original along with digital copies for your use. Explore Portrait Gallery.