photo by Zen Photography

photo by Zen Photography

this space:

is a living archive - a catalyst - a portal into interior alchemy

a journey of self discovery + expressing the beauty UNEARTHed in all areas of life, starting with your HOME. 

My focus is to work closely with you to develop creative solutions that meet your everyday needs.

I help you to tell your unique story in a creative way.

resulting in A BEAUTIFUL HOME (inner + outer) that provokes a sense of purpose + joy.

I share insights + exercises to enhance your lifestyle through INTERIORS | IMAGINATION | INSPIRATION.  Guiding you in creating a space that nourishes your dreams + celebrates your highest story; a place you LOVE to be! The result is a home that tells your unique story and supports you in living your life to the fullest.

I share my journey + offer guidance for you to confidently express yourself.

each session is created to help you with your design + decor needs. I provide you with the building blocks, professional guidance and prompts needed to make informed decisions about your space. Whether you are looking for a redesign, using pieces you already have or a fresh start - working from scratch, I am here as your guide -  think design coach.

Contact me today,  I look forward to being your guide in making your home into your sanctuary!

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