LaToya came and brought life into my house!  She thoroughly asked me questions to get an idea of who I am and what I like, and presented ideas and options..
— Talia J.



LaToya is a miracle worker! She was a pleasure to work with and really went above and beyond to support me. It’s amazing what a powerful effect a home makeover can have on your spirit. LaToya used many items I already owned and re-purposed them in a fantastic new way.  I knew my house was plain and boring but could never have imagined on my own how cute and cozy it could become.  I love coming home since the make over and get a ton of compliments from my guests.

— Annya S.

I was able to utilize online consultation services with LaToya to assist me with designing a few rooms in my home. LaToya’s design ideas were awesome and fit my style. I provided photographs of the spaces and LaToya was able to provide a complete design for those spaces. She even encouraged me to branch out to do a personalized art piece in my living room. LaToya was very personable, professional and knowledgeable. She made herself readily available to answer questions. This process was completely done online and it worked great for me. I would recommend LaToya to anyone interested in designing or redesigning any space. The process definitely helped build my confidence and I am very happy with my space now.

— Sarah B.

After having my second child I was feeling completely overwhelmed. I felt swamped by the house work and the child care - so we sent a message out to our friends for recommendations for a house cleaner. This is where LaToya got involved...she suggested that maybe it wasn't the state of cleanliness that was getting me down, but rather the actual space that we were living in.

Despite being a bit skeptical, I decided she had a good point and I would give it a go. We started in the lounge room. In a 3 hour session where LaToya got stuck into the practical aspects as well as the design elements we totally revamped the area. Without spending a cent, Latoya had managed to create a clear, easy to maintain, nurturing space for my family to relax in.

On this day I discovered the value a good designer brings. LaToya simply saw the surroundings in a completely different way. She used every day items to decorate, moved things to create a natural flow and brought a discipline to the exercise that really encouraged me to organise things that little bit better. We've been using our new, uncluttered, beautiful living room for 6 months now and it is still the easiest room to clean and the most nurturing space in the house. I am very grateful to LaToya.

— Tania C.

Simply put, LaToya simultaneously offered advice, provided insights, sparked creativity and finally pushed me past my comfort zone when it became obvious I was stuck in a dull aesthetic rut. Prior to working with LaToya I really just saw my home as a place in which to eat, sleep, relax. Her efforts helped me become aware of the manner in which space and design affect one’s state of mind. When LaToya first assisted me I was transitioning from a small studio to my own three bedroom house and the effort of selecting furniture, paint, and other items was a bit daunting.  LaToya developed a sense of styles that would work for me. After implementing her suggestions I found myself enjoying my home in a whole new way. I was more relaxed in my living room and more creative and inspired in my study and kitchen (I like to cook).

  If you get a chance to work with LaToya I strongly suggest you take it – you’ll find working with her an enriching and rewarding experience.

— Cheong-Tseng E.


When I first worked with LaToya I was a single dad with 2 teenage kids and a 5 year old. I lived in a fairly moderate sized 3 bedroom house with old furniture and a set up that was cluttered and filled with extraneous stuff I didn’t need. LaToya immediately saw that the cluttered house needed space. LaToya also took an overview of all the clutter and made simple suggestions that helped open up the living room and let more light in, I  immediately felt the difference.  As LaToya helped me with my home I realized she had a unique passion and vision. When we were done I felt like I had moved into a new home. If you have any need for an interior designer to clear up the clutter and help you have the home you desire, I recommend LaToya.

— Gregory L.

LaToya brings with her a very light, calm and non judgmental energy.  She is so thoughtful and manages to negotiate the changes that she makes in the same way.  I felt completely at ease and excited at the changes that she was making.  I loved the way that we did it all together.  It was very clear that this was very much a joint thing and that she brought no ego to the job which would indicate a "taking over".  She gently suggested changes or experimented with different arrangements.

I owned a fair trade shop that I felt needed help arranging and organising.  Its space felt crammed and unorganised and almost uncomfortable. I asked LaToya to come and help and we spent the afternoon together.  It was a small shop and I wasn’t allowed to paint the walls or do anything structural - it was really the stock and furniture that LaToya had to work with.  The shop was small and although light at the front - very dark at the back.

The finished product made my shop look totally different.  I was taught how to arrange in colour and in simplicity.  We used the displays and furniture in ways I would not have thoughts of that encouraged customers to look and explore and feel comfortable to do so even though it was in a small space.  We changed the lighting to make the back wall inviting and created an enormous amount of space in a small  room without compromising on stock levels.

I would very much love to invite LaToya back into my shop as an ongoing arrangement to keep the feel new and energised.  And to ensure the flow remains easy and light and inviting.  Its so easy to get in a routine and not have time for this aspect but by allowing someone with LaToya’s skill to come and do it for me ensured that this was happening and to a very high standard.

Thank you LaToya for creating that for me.

— Sarah V.

LaToya came and brought life into my house!  She thoroughly asked me questions to get an idea of who I am and what I like, and presented ideas and options that I never could have come up with myself. I started off with a complete blank slate both literally and figuratively. Surrounded by white walls without an idea or plan of what I wanted to do. I do not have an eye for design, but LaToya was able to see through me and she completely understood me and my style.  To this day I get compliments on the color pattern of my walls and layout of my home.  She has such an artistic eye, and truly was able to help me turn my house into my home.

— Talia J.

LaToya was  a much needed help in designing the look of my  apartment. She helped me define the look that I wanted (color scheme, furniture style, and how I wanted to feel in my place), made recommendations that fit that look, and helped me select my final pieces. She was so easy to work with, professional, and accommodating. I’ve been in my place for two and a half years now and I still love how it looks when I walk in the door. The furniture and color selection make me feel like I’m home. LaToya also gave me stellar design advice for my business website. Her keen sense for layout and color really made my site look clean, professional, and consistent with my image. She was a delight to work with and really went above and beyond to support me.

— Key D.