Finding Your MUSE (6 Catalysts for Creativity)

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Ever wonder where your hopes and dreams for life come from? What generates Inspiration? Where does the muse come from?

Could some of these strong wishes and desires originate in the divine? Part of my current journey is all about Finding Space to be, to create, and to live a life I love, and INSPIRATION is key.

Inspiration can be found anywhere you look, it depends on what you are seeking and if you are open to possibility. Inspiration is expansive, and when you are inspired you feel no limits.

If we would just take a moment to look around, we would find that the universe is in constant communication with us. - Alexandria Hotmer

Finding Your Muse (6 Catalysts for CREATIVITY AT HOME):

1. Nature, I have found that it is the number one inspiration. Nature's colours can inspire a colour palette for a room. It can also remind us of how we want to live with patience, ease and flow. Bring a little nature into your space - a little nature inside is always a bonus! I am currently seeking a good solution for keeping plants on our home on the road.

2. Personal experiences (life , travel + everyday adventures) 

Looking back on my early life and play history I am reminded of the things that inspired me as a child and how that carries over into today.  I loved dollhouses, legos and constructing and drawing homes, I liked decorating and making decorations (mostly out of paper). I even enjoyed organizing and arranging things.

Travel always inspires me. Our last international trip was to Malaysia where we experienced new environments, art, music, culture, and lovely people. Sometimes all it takes is a step out of your regular environment to spark ideas.

Currently we travel is part of our daily life as we live life on the road. Ideas are in constant flow. My current explorations revolve around placing my art in the landscape.

My everyday needs and interactions inspire me to come up with creative solutions for our home and ideas for creative projects.

3. Stories + Words : Books, conversations, oral histories, life stories. and words in and of themselves.  Because I love hearing and reading other peoples stories I can often be found with a book in hand and it is also why I started the Inspired Interview Series. I am inspired by individual words themselves and the definitions which I may altar to explore what the word really means to me.

4. Art + Images. Used for colour inspiration, ideas about composition, and peace of mind. Choose to hang art in your home for daily inspiration, and you use it as a physical affirmation for the life you want to lead. Images can be found in magazines, pictures you take yourself, or instagram and pinterest are favourite online resources. Creating your own art inspires more creation.

5. Going Within: Meditation and Prayer. I have gone about meditation in many ways.  I am still cultivating a daily practice as it changes each day.  Currently I feel like my days are prayerful rather than purely meditative. I often feel meditative when I am creating without a care for time or outcomes. free of judgement. I do lots of self reflection exercises and I feel like it allows me to go deeper and uncover ideas and thoughts I did not know were there. This is where Interior Alchemy gets real personal.

6. Being the inspiration you seek.

Our life is our message.

I feel that by just being you, you are an inspiration to others.

If I am ever feeling blocked creatively, I often find that when I stop seeking a particular outcome, when I let go of seeking inspiration of a certain kind, when I begin to move on to the next thing, that is when Inspiration really hits. We need time to digest all that we take in.

Pour yourself like a fountain. / Flow into the knowledge that what you are seeking/ finishes often at the start, and, with ending, begins. - excerpt from Sonnets to Orpheus, Part Two, XII by Rainer Maria Rilke

The Essence:  Ultimately the goal is to turn our inspired ideas into reality.

Resources: Big Magic,   21 Days of Inspiration Booklet



Thank you for joining me on this path of INTERIOR ALCHEMY