To My Son ( a Birthday Wish)

Dear Z, may you always live in WONDER and MAGIC may you always be CURIOUS and ADVENTUROUS may you always know your WHOLENESS may you embrace ONENESS

{GO AT YOUR OWN PACE} may you always know that what you seek is WITHIN may you always follow your DREAMS may you always know you are WORTHY may you connect to others with LOVE and COMPASSION


may you be TRUE to yourself may you choose LOVE over FEAR may you always know you have a CHOICE may you continue to BE YOU {beautiful you} MAY PEACE COME FROM WITHIN {even when it is hard to find outside}

may you continue to make the most of this LIFE JOURNEY

may you embrace INTUITION + CREATIVITY

may you always have FAITH that the SPIRIT lives on


oh to be a child! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOVE MOMMA

i wrote this a few years ago, but it is always true.

Design (School for Life)

A while back I was exploring what I learned in Design school and how it can be applied to life. I have a new found desire to complete all this ideas I have been holding on to and let them finally be completed and let out in to the world - or discarded if that is their fate.

These are the 7 principals of Interior Alchemy and their relationship to the Architectre and Interior Design process.


There is a process called PROGRAMMING where you learn everything you can about your project. How many? How much space? What do you want to accomplish? What are the requirements?  what is the deadline? Budget? Preferences?

In life this is the foundations of SELF-DISCOVERY. 

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Legendary (connecting to the divine within)

Dear Me, Legend has it that I AM your Divine self - the Soul.  I AM your guide - I have lifted the veil. I AM the LIGHT - the ENERGY.

I AM eternal part of Source here on an experiential PASSAGE. I chose lessons + the basic outline of the story in advance, but you have always had FREE WILL. I AM your Higher Self.

Legend has it that many rotations before this current iteration you were part of the creation of the codes of this realm and on each return I have left breadcrumbs as reminders - leading you back to yourself+ back to SPIRIT. -There is nothing you need to seek, all is WHOLE, all is within. All is well.

I AM creativity embodied. I nurture the soul. I create SACRED SPACE. I am optimal health. I AM creation stories. I AM inner child. I birth higher vibrations. I AM interior alchemy. Draw on me when parenting. Draw on me when partnering. Draw on me for inspiration. Draw on me. You don't have to do it all alone...

I AM the things myths are made of, yet above all I AM the everyday. You are not stuck and you are not doing it all wrong. It's a process so stay awake.  I AM in more places than one. I AM pilgrim + explorer. I AM knowledge + humour rolled into one.  I AM sparkling smiles + cleansing tears. I AM imperfect + lifelong. I AM unconditional LOVE. I am JOYFUL SURRENDER.

We are a miracle. We are ONE.

Love Legendary Self

BE Wonder {full}

p.s. Stop seeking the destination - you are already here! Remember those moments when you LIGHTen up - You know you are meant to have fun! Speak your desired life into being and follow the path you create as you create it ~you are the path~ and there is no end. We never truly die, so continue to make the most of it!


my love for macro florals strong

my love for macro florals strong

U N F O L D I N G. ~ our life is a constant journey. everything is in perfect time. ~ Rise + Witness

the majestic unfolding

hear the call to let go of old ways + embrace your truth (divine origins of LOVE).

Stand for what you believe in.

Heart + Soul align.


With gratitude I witness the coming together.

Dear Searching Self

Dear Searching Self, What are we searching for? Sometimes I know exactly what it is. At other times it feels much more like a detour. Really it goes in cycles.  At times we have searched for road maps, or for the bypass out of hard times. For some magic answers. At other times we see these uncomfortable moments as opportunities. 

Searching self you are a collector of understanding (you are books filled with underlines and annotations. Journals with notes and musings). You are intimate conversations with family and friends. I love the nerd you are.

Searching Self I love that you are a seeker of expansion and I love your open mind. You draw connections and see that it all boils down to THE SAME THINGS. It just resonates differently each time the words are rephrased.

You are a soul searcher seeking infinite possibilities + miracles. Trying to remember why we are here. You are a magic seeker + life long learner. You seek time for yourself and space to be creative. You are wanderlust. You love adventure and seek new destinations to explore + experience. You search for the keys to intuitive living.

Searching self at your best our experiences bring us WONDER. At other times you frustrate me and I wish your urges were not so strong... i wish you didn't think so much. Remember all that joy Contented Self promised? Remember to be easy on ourself in this search... we must believe we are NOT LOST.

You search for FLOW, yet this ever elusive BALANCE can feel like hard work! Especially when you create these ideals of mothering, partnership, and purpose. Let's find pleasure in the discovery rather than comparing our journey to that of others. Beware of over analysis + perfection + arming yourself with information. Remember life is not uniform for everyone... we are on our own unique journey.You're searching for that FULL life, but remember it can not be found, instead it has to be LIVED.

Remember to embrace the which you have already found + rediscovered. Honour that. Honour those moments of happiness and wellbeing shared with family. Honour your growth. There is more to come!





~I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teachings of my SOUL ~ rumi