divine feminine

Exploring the Divine Feminine

Exploring the Divine Feminine

i surrender to the open road

(to the open road)

DAY 1// a release + an expansion

comes with letting go.

not controlling the specific outcomes of each day. openning to new possibilities + inner guidance

at first it's subtle, but there is always new found awareness + trust in what life + spirit has in store.

I intend to let go a little more each day to make space for that which awaits me.. allowing the wisdom of the divine feminine to arise.  forever changed.

see you out there! .

reflecting on how letting go is showing up in my life these days for #sacredmooncycles with @lunarnourishment

wise woman been here before


(been here before)

DAY 2// the wise one within

knows. she tells me to be still to hear her guidance. she teaches patience + divine love if i wil stop long enough to listen.

today i reflected on living my truth + what came was compassion for the journey + strength for the long haul

I have never really delved into the divine feminine but i feel the time is right to explore + nurture this aspect.

here is a bit of floral pattern play for today

madien new beginnings

MAIDEN (new beginnings)

DAY 3// fallen red flowers collected from the roadside

barefoot strolls on the grass+ maiden botanical mandalas

a dip in the creek where two gods met again for the first time (arrived + departed between rainfalls). she said be grounded

check in with the brow - connection to reality.

say a magic prayer + be open to hear the answers + ready to act when called

contemplating the maiden archetype as part of #sacredmooncycles a six day challenge hosted by @lunarnourishment  i knew i wanted to work with red flower petals when i woke today, but had no idea where they would come from. we went for a drive + right before we turned into our campsite we pulled to the side of the road + there was a tree shedding red flowers.

I decided to make one of my first mandalas on the grass. Then we headed to the river + zephyr met a boy named apollo.

mothering intuition and guidance

MOTHERING (intuition + guidance)

DAY 4// mother uses her intuition + she provides direction through comforting reassurance.

yesterday after getting some busy work done we headed to the ocean, the water was calm in the cove we found ourselves in near the jetty. i love being near the water, but i am not usually the first to jump in, especially if it is cold.

but yesterday with the intention of mothering myself for #sacredmooncycles with @lunarnourishment i thought: the ocean is a mother... surrender + be held. I jumped straight in to my own surprise... allowing myself to float on my back + look at the sky. The salt water allowing me to relax + float with ease. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading rise sister rise (which i found at a shop just before we headed to the beach). I think spirit often speaks to me through books because with them i am quite an attentive listener... so of course after stating that i wanted to delve into the divine feminine this book found its way into my hands... haha when we were leaving the beach i found a white feather... feathers are my sign i am on the right track. Much gratitude for this life.

priestess rhythm and ritual

PRIESTESS (rhythm + ritual)

DAY 5// always exactly where i need to be.

today i found my diary for 2017 direct from the author + the artist at the belligen markets. This has all the moon phases for the southern hemisphere.

aligning + trusting

p.s. as i post erykah badu on + on has come the radio...Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned,

If your knowledge were your wealth then it will be well earned

If we were made in his image then call us by our names...

giving deep gratitude and appreciation


(deep gratitude + appreciation)

Day 6 of #sacredmooncycles with @lunarnourishment

december has been a month of really focusing in gratitude so this day of giving was right on time.

I spoke my gratitude to my husband + son for being all they are + all that they do + for sharing this life. I also sent messages of gratitude to a few others to let them know they are appreciated.

to all the lovely souls i have have crossed paths with in this lifetime. each of you mean so much to me. thank you.

i really believe in each + every one of you. I trust that you are capable of reaching your dreams. I see the beauty in your story + your evolution.

so grateful to be here in this time sharing these moments + these possibilities

many blessings + thanks for all you do.


be wonderful