Legendary (connecting to the divine within)

Dear Me, Legend has it that I AM your Divine self - the Soul.  I AM your guide - I have lifted the veil. I AM the LIGHT - the ENERGY.

I AM eternal part of Source here on an experiential PASSAGE. I chose lessons + the basic outline of the story in advance, but you have always had FREE WILL. I AM your Higher Self.

Legend has it that many rotations before this current iteration you were part of the creation of the codes of this realm and on each return I have left breadcrumbs as reminders - leading you back to yourself+ back to SPIRIT. -There is nothing you need to seek, all is WHOLE, all is within. All is well.

I AM creativity embodied. I nurture the soul. I create SACRED SPACE. I am optimal health. I AM creation stories. I AM inner child. I birth higher vibrations. I AM interior alchemy. Draw on me when parenting. Draw on me when partnering. Draw on me for inspiration. Draw on me. You don't have to do it all alone...

I AM the things myths are made of, yet above all I AM the everyday. You are not stuck and you are not doing it all wrong. It's a process so stay awake.  I AM in more places than one. I AM pilgrim + explorer. I AM knowledge + humour rolled into one.  I AM sparkling smiles + cleansing tears. I AM imperfect + lifelong. I AM unconditional LOVE. I am JOYFUL SURRENDER.

We are a miracle. We are ONE.

Love Legendary Self

BE Wonder {full}

p.s. Stop seeking the destination - you are already here! Remember those moments when you LIGHTen up - You know you are meant to have fun! Speak your desired life into being and follow the path you create as you create it ~you are the path~ and there is no end. We never truly die, so continue to make the most of it!