Full Circle


(lightness in the face of all circumstances).

Lightness vs. Heaviness — a letting go. 

Lightness of touch... on the earth. on self. on others. 

 LIGHT of being. 

LIGHT of knowledge. 

LIGHTNESS is expansion

be the light. share the light. shine the light. light lifts. light breathes.  

LIGHT is free 》》f r e e d o m


walk lightly. talk lightly...




 carry less. release. surrender. TRUST. lightness of thought.

 move lightly. LIGHT heals. Light Shines. Light CLARIFIES 》

brings c l a r i t y  +  o p e n e s s 

wisdom comes from lightness

 awareness. visibility. sunlight. calm. light breeze. lightness of air. s u b t l e. 

light is energy. light rejuvenates. light transmutes + transforms. 


light holds all. Luminous. LUMINOSITY + ILLUMINATION  tapping into spirit. lighthearted - LAUGH... enjoy! 



Stream of consciousness.... musing on: my intention of focus for this mooncycle has been on LIGHTNESS + its many manifestations.