Design (School for Life)

A while back I was exploring what I learned in Design school and how it can be applied to life. I have a new found desire to complete all this ideas I have been holding on to and let them finally be completed and let out in to the world - or discarded if that is their fate.

These are the 7 principals of Interior Alchemy and their relationship to the Architectre and Interior Design process.


There is a process called PROGRAMMING where you learn everything you can about your project. How many? How much space? What do you want to accomplish? What are the requirements?  what is the deadline? Budget? Preferences?

In life this is the foundations of SELF-DISCOVERY. 

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The Art of Storytelling at Home

We are in the midst of our greatest story.

This is our life we are creating each day.

May we have space to express and play out these stories.

“Let your house be a place to tell stories. By surrounding yourself with objects and translations of your very own travel observations, you create a place full of your memories, a unique, authentic place that reflects your personality.”

Sibela Court

home is where... {fill in the blank} what does home mean to you?

Home can be your sanctuary, your place to be you in all your you-ness, a place to nurture your dreams. Embracing the journey of creating a home you love - a home that tells your highest story.

I choose W O N D E R +  C A L M +  L O V E.