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Embrace: Awareness









The first part of EMBRACE is AWARENESS.

Awareness is about being a patient witness. It is about focusing attention.

I experience awareness when I get present. When I stop and give myself time and space to really pay attention to where I am in this moment. When I ask myself : where is my mind?  When I stop compulsive thinking long enough to close my eyes and take a moment to just BE.

When I really listen to the sounds I hear,  and I am aware of my breath.  It is when I observe my thoughts and actions without jumping to having an opinion or a response. It is when I leave my judging mind to rest.

When I am really just being present in the now I am using awareness.

What would it feel like to be completely connected to spirit in each moment? Not reliving the past or projecting into the future but simply allowing yourself to be . . . breath by breath. Sweetly present to whatever the universe has planned.21 days of Inspiration

Sounds Divine.  I aim to be in that place of connection with spirit.  I am also learning to be gentle on myself throughout this journey, because I know that we are all growing and changing all the time. We are going to have feelings and reactions we don't expect to have. That's the beauty of life, everyday is full of infinite possibilities and experiences.

And  I always have the choice to be aware.

I am enjoying observing how all the many parts of this life interact in a multitude of ways. Awareness is always leading me to a stronger since of self. Leading me to that connection with SPIRIT.

The ESSENCE: Be aware,  be mindful, be present, live your best life NOW!

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Be Wonderful



Thank you for joining me on this journey of INTERIOR ALCHEMY.